The Ultimate Dry Field® System

All the components work in harmony to give the ultimate bonding experience. Here is how each part contributes to success.

The Ultimate Dry Field System
The Ultimate Dry Field System

NeoDrys adhere to the cheek mucosa over the parotid duct and absorb the saliva. They will not saturate and allow saliva to pool. The popular foil-backed paper (cellulose) brands have major drawbacks that lead to bracket failure. I have tested most brands in my office and will use no other type. NeoDrys are superior to any other brand on the market.

Quest Tongue Shield has integrated suction along its inferior border for tongue side saliva and shields the tongue while giving it plenty of space. There are two sizes, and the smaller size is used for the vast majority of bondings. It is good to have at least one large in stock for a patient with long arches or a very large tongue. The suction tube exits on the superior center portion, allowing the operator to move it out of the way when needed. There are integrated hooks on the OralEnlight® to restrain the suction tube out of the way. It is the front placement of the tube exit that allows such superior access to the molars when combined with the OralEnlight.

Tongue-Comfeez are placed around the suction tube of the Quest in the anterior region to prevent the possibility of uncomfortable tissue grab. It is manufactured from medical grade foam polymer.

OralEnlight is the only illuminated retractor available. It illuminates the posterior teeth with shadow-free light. Bracket placement is precise due to superior vision. There is no heat generated. The buccal portion was designed to cover the parotid duct, and retracts the tissue to allow room for your positioning instrument. It is the only retractor designed with molar bonding as its first priority.

White or Orange?
This is our most commonly asked question.

The OralEnlight Orange will not initiate the cure of light cure composites. Further, in the posterior, the OralEnlight Orange will cancel out some of the effect of ambient room light that causes polymerization of the composite. In practices where an assistant places the braces and the doctor does a final positioning, or if the doctor prefers to put on all the brackets in a quadrant at once and then position the braces, Orange is the retractor of choice.

The OralEnlight White yields better visual clarity due to the multiple wavelengths of light. There is adequate working time when direct bonding is used one bracket at a time. Additionally, it must be pointed out that brackets are positioned more quickly on each tooth since the lack of light and vision problems has been eliminated. Therefore, less working time per tooth will be needed.

In my office, we use a dual cure composite and there is plenty of working time to place the molar brackets with OralEnlight White. We utilize a high intensity LED curing light with a small light guide (5.5mm), and a 3 second cure to freeze the position against inadvertently dislodging the bracket while positioning on a different tooth. No-mix adhesives generally have a 25-30 second working time and using the OralEnlight White with light or dual cure composite gives at least that amount of working time.