The OralEnlight® Starter Kit

OralEnlight White Starter Kit
OralEnlight Orange Starter Kit

Dr. Lawrence frequently heard the complaint from residents that they had a hard time obtaining proper molar bracket position and isolation “because it is hard to see and work back there.”

To get started, you will need the OralEnlight® retractor and a battery. We have a convenient starter kit with everything you need.

For the best possible experience for the orthodontist, staff and patient, order the Ultimate Dry Field® System and take placing braces to the next level!

We suggest one battery per chair for chairs frequently used for bonding. (The battery is small and can be left attached to the side or back of chair all day, as one charge will last several days.)

The number of retractors needed exceeds the number of batteries needed and depends on the number of bondings performed per day.

For shipments outside of the U.S., or for purchases of 16+ units, please Contact Us for best shipping rates possible.