About Us

About Us

As the orthodontic profession transitions from traditional molar bands into bonded molar brackets, the critical need for a clear field of vision has emerged.

The OralEnlight® was designed by an orthodontist to help orthodontists. The goal is to provide a more effective means of seeing teeth in the back of the mouth and obtaining proper isolation.

OralEnlight’s inventor, Ken Lawrence, DDS, recognized this need. Dr. Lawrence is a specialist in orthodontics. He has been a Clinical Professor in the Case Western Reserve University Orthodontic Department since 1999. He directed the Early Treatment Clinic for five years and currently teaches craniofacial orthodontics. He is the Craniofacial Orthodontist for The Cleft Palate Team of the Cleveland Clinic, the nation’s #2 hospital. He has maintained a busy private practice in Mentor, Ohio since 1992.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, Dr. Lawrence teamed up with good friend, Michael Tur, who has extensive manufacturing experience in the robotics industry. They formed Molar Bond LLC and together they turned Ken’s idea into an effective design and developed the OralEnlight. Dr. Lawrence, a lifelong Clevelander, and Mr. Tur, who grew up in Milwaukee, both felt that it was important that the product be manufactured here at home, in America. It is being made and assembled in Ohio.

To view Dr. Lawrence’s site, visit DrLawrence.com. To view Mr. Tur’s site, visit Robo-Gear.com.

For Technical support or questions please call 1-800-577-0010.  This will put you in contact with Dr. Lawrence’s office.