About Our Systems

Introducing The Ultimate Dry Field® System!

With OralEnlight® as your retractor and using the entire Ultimate Dry Field System, you will have the brightest, driest, most accessible system available.

Learn more about the how The Ultimate Dry Field System components work together.

OralEnlight Features

  • Total posterior illumination
  • Shadow free light
  • White or Orange light (for more information see instructions on the Order Page)
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • FDA-approved plastic
Oral Enlight White in use

Ultimate Dry Field System Advantages

  • Lighted working field for bracket accuracy
  • Tongue shield with suction for isolation that is gentle to the tongue
  • No suction tubes crossing the occlusion at the critical second molar area
  • Parotid duct moisture control
  • Unsurpassed overall moisture control
Oral Enlight White

Save time and money with OralEnlight® and the Ultimate Dry Field System:
Reduce stress, increase patient comfort, and reduce costly, inconvenient repositioning visits.

Oral Enlight White in use
Oral Enlight Orange in use

OralEnlight And the Ultimate Dry Field System Benefits

  • Significantly improved accuracy of initial posterior bracket placement
  • Increased productivity and profitability by reducing extra bonding visits and increasing on-time treatment completions
  • Reduced doctor stress due to easier bracket placement and fewer non-productive appointments
  • Reduced clinical staff stress by improved ability to see teeth to prepare for bonding
  • Reduced front office stress due to scheduling fewer extra visits

The Bottom Line

Happier Orthodontist +
Happier Staff +
Happier Patients =
An OralEnlight Practice!